Each and every journey not only gives new information and new places , but also get inspired to visit new new places . During the  last journey accidently reach the place Mazinakudi moolayar ,included in Tamil nadu forest area . This place resembles an open zoo which is off wide variety of wild animals enjoying their free life .When reached Mazinkudi of about 4 o’clock ,both mooyar and zinkaar are not included in the list of the trip .

Mazinakudi is a small town with much basic facilities . On the basis of information given by the native peoples we decided to visit the beautiful places . There are many  jeeps arranging daily trip from mazinakudi through forest , apart from  that , we can also travel by our own private vechiles to this place . Good condition of Tamil nadu road also gives some tremendous view . Presence of short trees and small plants and also small hills of this forest area gaves us view to far places also . First of all a group kalaman deer welcomed us , by some sort of dancing peacock welcomed us in their way , after that we are blessed to saw  wide varieties of plants and animals , on the way by watching different species of birds , moreover group of elephant crossing the road  make us energized .

After  travelling ahead their we Saw a group of buffaloes . On the way of 8 km to mooyar these all views continues as a story . We are not allowed to stopthe vechile or to get out of the vechile on this way due to security reasons . After watching all these views finally we reached  mooyar dam , it’s  a  small dam  , also presence of stream also gaves some beautiful views , finally villages . All these natural beauty of this particular village is mind blowing and out of words can’t able to express through words . After spending some sort of time here we packed back to Mazinkudi , on that way presence of elephants and  also other animals crossing  the  road  , are all  we saw like a deam . After reaching  Mazinakudi , we cross the road and  movie towards  4 km of Sinkankara forest area , starting forms fields and reaches forest area , about four resorts  are present their welcoming the visitors , main aim is money . On that way forest streams , peacocks , dears , elephants all sawn and reached the destination in night and stop that days trip and stay their  Mazinakudi .

After seeing all these beautiful views we planned to visit this same place again in early morning . ,  due to this only reason we planed to stay in Mazinakudi .  For that days stay we selected  a new resort of  a kottayam  based   man  . After having our dinner we gone to sleep by dreaming  about tomorrows trip to the same . We all wake up about 5:30 am  and  at 6:00 am  we started the journey , this day we  saw the  same  view which  resembles  yesterday , but this day instead of elephant , buffaloes cross the  road  . We all egarly waiting to watch tiger , lion etc , but we don’t  have the luck to saw them  . On the way to mooyar there we can saw  mooyar  chikaman  temple constructed  by  veerappan for  praying  . This forest is on hill station due to this their we got the chance to view all surrounded 360 angled clear view  . Presently mooyar chikaman temple is reconstructing , by watching this temples  i  just push back  my mind about  veerappans  history …..


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