Tawang , Arunachal Pradesh.

Tawang have  many places of natural beauty. This includes peaks, waterfalls etc. The main attractions of Tawang are  Tawang monastery, Sela Pass, and several waterfalls. There are many places backdrop of Bollywood films here.

Quiet on the lakes, rivers reflects bluer, and waterfalls falling from very high to provide visitors memorable experiences. Those who wish to explore the nature of this hidden paradise, either.

Festivals and events in the life of the tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh is a major part. This is nothing different from the tribe of Tawang monpa. Arunachal Pradesh are associated with agricultural festivals, like the other tribes Monpa community.

Tawang monpas   celebrate many festivals every year. New Year festival is celebrated last of  February or first of  March is loser

Another festival is Thyoga and in the eleventh month of the lunar calendar year is celebrated as the Day of 28. Generally, this is celebrated in the month january.

In order to protect crops and also to make good reap furthermore , to protect villagers from evil forces  most of the villagers perform choikoor rally.  In the seventh month of the lunar year, most lacked the cultivation  choikoor takes place.

Arts and Crafts

The people of Tawang, known as monpas are quiet famous in  products and handicrafts making. The sketch of  very beautiful works of art and handicrafts, visitors can directly buy from the local market. These are available in the government crafts centers.

And carved wooden sculptures, carpets, pottery, built by greed woods are quiet beautiful . Golden image composition, and manual paper structure are the way of earning revenue by them . They also made some wooden masks. The face coverings used in religious dances that will be presented during the festival in the yard thyooga Vihara Tawang.  Artistically designed wooden lid vessel for pouring food is doolam. Sheng spoon is made of wood. Tea was served in wooden cups .

The best period to visit Tawang

The climate is more moderate in most of the  months in Tawang  .  Best time to visit Tawang is during the period from March to October.

How to Reach?

Thespoor from Assam and other parts of the country ,reached to tawang , way to Guwahati. Most of the flight companies perform daily services from Delhi to Guwahati. The flight services from Kolkata and other cities are also available. In addition, it will be given, including the Rajdhani Express trains and the rail services to there are available.



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