Gift Of Southern Railway

Indian  Railways  Is one  of the largest railway network in the world .  Indian railway plays an important role for  emphasing our cultural diversity and so on. The Southern Railway was built as part of the broad gauge line was very nice of the Palakkad division of the British in the 1927 period. It is, however, another thing to be proud of Indian railway, connecting  Bharathapuzha to Chaliyaar furthermore , this small way was quiet mind blowing  . For me passing through Palakkad , my birth place , is another proud movement for mine .

The historical significance of this path starts from the railway junction shornoor, which are the largest in the state. On the way from Valluvanad to Eeranad , we can see not only the agriculture and rural life but also , beautiful rivers also makes the way awsome. Why would imagine that this path is made for the English name of the teak tree in the world have heard of the famous Nilamboor.Among the Nilamboor and Shornoor have to admit, ten station . First station is Vadanamkurishi station, the train will begin to move a little, and then from the shornoor Vadanamkurishi starts. The little station was only a few people are always lying along the roads of Malappuram, Palakkad. But now, as a lot of up and down out of the station name.

Even from starting itself of the train there we get the chance to see natural beauty of Palakkad Kerala  Look, if this is a short distance while enjoying the beauty of the station and brought relief to arrive at Valluvanadan  paddy fields .The little people who make it work not only for wages but also  they should be kept only for the time is also a culture that went on forever .We can experience equality and helping mentality of peoples of valluvand when passing through the paddy fileds and teak woods and also the housing structure and temples

As a valluvanadan boy still now itselt I happy to see equality amoung people on the basis Valluvanad ernad civilization . Here after this mind blowing experience next station is kulukkaloor .People in the kulukkaloor feeling blessed due to this kulukkaloor station due to the absence of other transportation facilities . olden architectured houses still now itself pushed me back to oldern memories of my childhood and time spend with my childhood girl friend . Traditionally maintained floor still itself resembled the culture and equality of people . After kulukaloor presence of plenty of water reminds us the presence of river , Kunthi puzha , which  shared by Palakkad and Malappuram . This famous river is a branch of bharatha puzha . Positive I got from this kunthi puzha still itself present in my mind .

Train try to slow down automatically because when passing through the birth place of EMS , ELEKAM . After that station train reaches the first station malapuram, district chelukara . Station with full of facilities even though it is smaller one . Ater passing through Nilamboor perumbilvu NH road we reached the place ankadipuram . Presence of temples and churches and also the chaver thara resembles the strong attitude of Valluvanad peoples . One of the main location of the film “Krishnakudiyil oru pranaya kaalathu “ because famous eplace perunthalmanna is almost near fromthis station .

After passing a ahead train reaches the place pattikad .After passing thrissur mysore one can see entirely changed station adharsh . This train passing is important part of our daily routine because in olden times this train passing understands the timing of our day . Presently about more than 14 trai is passing through this small rail . I think this railway station plays an important role in my life still itself I remember the romantic memories of olden times . I think I used this this station more than any other peoples . After passing through Pattikad there we reach melatoor city rich in hills and natural beauty . Velliyar puzha is the attracting factor of thi city, I think this puzha also  plays an important role in my life  .

After passing through these places the train reached towards eranad , change in climatic conditions point out this station . oolipuzha is another attraction of this place . This place shows many freedom fighters who fight against british and we got tremendous chance to experience all these things on this way . Next station is thodipuzha station , which is of red soil and also rubber cultivation is the key factors of these places . When train reaches the main station vaniyambalam I think then all coach remains empty .

At last train reached Nilamboor the last station , Nilamboor is one of the beautiful place in the world . Only by paying just rupees we got tremendous chance to experience the natural beauty and mind blowing places of kerala.




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