Kerala Floods 9 August 2018

Kerala had affected a worst flood due to unusual and heavy rain fall in July 2018. It affected the state very badly. As usual the beginning of monsoon season was quite calm but it changed to a heavy rainfall and resulted in the flood. In this season the state received almost 257 % than the usual rainfall. Nearly 500 died and 15 seemed missing. Neraly one million evacuated. A never expected flood that ever happened. All the 14 districts were announced red alert. Government of India cosidered it as level 3 calamity of nature. Mainly affected areas are Chengannur, Pandanad,  Edanad, Aranmula, Kozhencherry, Ayiroor, Ranni, Pandalam, Kuttanad, Aluva, and Chalakudy.

The terrific flood which washed off so may lives and cities. It was like a bad dream which taken away people’s comfortable luxaries and reached to basic needs with in hours. The cost of damages was still under calculation by the state government. Huge rain fall and drastic climatic changes have resulted in uncontrollable water levels in all the major dams in the state. Out of 54 dams 35was opened and with out any time to move apart, everyone got stucked and rehabilitation center were the only shelter they got. Mainly the flood effected is said to be ecologically sensitive zones by Gadgil committee report. All of them were rejected and now it seems like a man made calamity.

Most of the dams came to their filling capacity by 8 the of August and alerts passed and major dams were opened. Mullaperiyar, Idukki dam and other dams were opened. All the five shutters were opened in Idukki dam after 26 years. In Wayanad and Idukki areas were isolated because of landslides. Small towns washed off, several rescue teams, army, police and local people came to each isolated areas to taken care of the lives of people. Cochin International Airport closed due to flood. Prime minister visited affected sites and rescue funds have been granted. But reconstruction of the state is not a simple task. Still thousands are in rescue camps. Alappuzha district is the main area phasing flood.

It affected in all means in normal life of citizens, metro stations closed, roads and bridges are taken away by the flood. No communication facilities remained. Isolated areas arised and play people evacuated to disaster rehabilitation centers. Army vehicles came with food supply made very helpful. It took a week to get back to normal life. The water levels drow down. But each individual had a question about their house. It only remained all the necessities washed away. Government had announced funds and provided necessary informations for cleaning the house. Some houses are fully damaged and some never remained. More than hundred villages distroyed. Central government offered 100 crore to state.

All the celebrations are avoided. Onam cannot said to be a festival this time for keralites. They never recovered from the flood. Still houses not became normal. Disaster fund collections are still ongoing. After every disaster nature thought as to live with less garm to nature. We have all the luxaries, now nothing can be saved. We know about un autharised constructions may cause damage it leads to unstable geographic conditions. All the silent attacked got one back which we never expected. It’s better to save earth before saving ourselves. Consider all the ecological factors, leave the forests, hilltops, oceans as it was before. Consider reports like Gadgil and other ecological studies. Less destruction less damage can only save our existence in the planet.

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