Plus Sign On Ambulance

Ambulance, the word itself remembered in sense of emergency among people’s mind.Ambulance is a vehicle used for transportation of people who need medical attention at the earliest.  While looking apart from the functional point of view there are urgent and non urgent vehicles. The main aim of the vehicle is to reach as soon as possible to the nearest hospital. On the way to the hospital Ambulance has to be differentiated from other vehicles on the road. For the purpose of differentiation ambulance has warning lights, red plus symbols, emergency letterings etc are included.

While running on the road, a person has to be give preference to an Ambulance than his or other vehicles on the road. The main function of the vehicle is to transport patients from or between places of treatment. There might be a critically injured  person who needs to be taken to the nearest hospital, here his or her life has to be saved by providing proper care. Today we have ambulances with all modern life saving equipments. Different kinds of vehicles are also used as an ambulance the red cross sign and warning lights will inform the Society that it is an ambulance.

All of us had seen red color plus symbol on ambulance it is called Caduceus it is used by Red Cross organization. It is not a plus sign but the sign of the Red Cross, which is a voluntary organisation in the field of medical services. It was founded by Henry Dunant about 150 years ago. The sign is always found on hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, dispensary, ambulances, etc. The Red Cross Movement, is driven by the 7 fundamental principles which guide our humanitarian work across borders. This World Red Cross Red Crescent Day, 8th May, 2015 we celebrate our principles which help us reach out to anyone in need and crisis.

The reason crosses are used and associated with medical professions is mainly because of its use by the International Red Cross Society The  Red Cross emblem was based on the design of the Swiss national flag. The red cross emblem can’t actually be used by doctors or anyone else, as it’s regarded as an internationally protected symbol – only for use by the Red Cross.A all the above nothing can stop the use of this symbol because it is easily identified among the crowd.

The international Red Cross organization had won noble prize for its work for three times.  Coming to the matter, red cross is named for offering unconditional help to the people in need.  So, mediCal field, which also offers life saving services to the people adopted this symbol.  That is the reason why hospitals and ambulances use red color plus symbol.

The use of the Red Cross symbol or imitating the symbol is a punishable offence. In addition to a fine of Rs. 500, the offence can result in forfeiture of goods or vehicles on which the emblem has been used.Chapter IV of the Indian law regulating the use of the emblem (which was promulgated in 1960 and is called the Geneva Conventions Act) deals with the abuse of the Red Cross emblem and Sec. 12 read with Sec. 13 of the chapter, makes unauthorised use of the Red Cross emblem or its imitation a punishable offence.


“The Red Cross emblem can be used only by those belonging to the Red Cross Movement and Military Medical Services involved in humanitarian work, chiefly in times of armed conflicts and natural disasters,”  this wording by the asserts secretary, Andhra Pradesh chapter of the Red Cross Society, Dr. Rajalakshmi.




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