4K Technology In Latest Life

In the vast changing technological era, unpredictable changes are happening in the field of filiming and videography.people are becoming more cautious on how things can be done in a better way.Even in a single cellphone one can capture what he desires and make professional videos​ with high quality.Here the quality of visuals are very important in the market value of cameras,mobiles TV’s and other related gadgets.

Now a days television is not just a Home applaince,which tooks a place in the living room.It upgrades the place it belongs to a magical world of visuals and eeps it’s own unique place.Here visuality is not just seeing it’s experiencing as we live.Not only in TV ‘s mobile phones are also getting better advantage of high definition 4K resolution.

4K is becoming the new craze today.It is a new resolution standard designed for digital cinema and computer graphics.its the name for the new standardized high definition resolution for displays of all visual gadgets.4K format was named because it has 4000 pixels horizontal resolution approximately.Hence 1080 pixels and 720 p resolution were named because of it’s vertical resolution.The new standard renders more than four times higher image definition than 1080 pixels. 4K resolution is used in commercial digital cinema using 4096*2160 option,were many filims are short or mastered in 4K by upscaling from 2K (1998*1080).It has two official consumer labels ultra HD and UHD, 4K is now we’ll established in home theaters.


The first 4K cinematographic camera was released in 2003 in Dalsa.This technology was invented by several research groups of universities around the globe.Major contribution towards the  research was conducted in University of California,San  Diego etc.Then the leading manufacturers come up with more 4k cameras and gadgets and YouTube began to support this resolution.The main player in 4K market was Sony.Other than standardized 4K various non standardized 4K resolutios have used in displays,it is 4096*2560 Canon moniter mainly used for reviewing cinema footage in post production work.Others are Samsung’s gaming moniters,IBM monitors etc.


The significance of 4K is becoming more important by the changing trend of wide TV  screen sizes.It provids more detailed and less pixel visible images than 1080 p,even 1080 p looks good in larger screen sizes,4K can deliver an even better looking images​ as screen sizes continue to increase. 4K provides a super vivid and sharp display to experience an un revailed viewing experience.Now DSLR’S , mirror less camera’s and even phones have the ability to shoot in 4K.Above all 4K is almost certainly going to  have it’s large space  on the TV  market as the new UHD content emerges and the technology is already well established as the latest and possibly best in  cameras and filim projectors.Major manufacturers are already working on experimental development projects in the  even more powerful 8K resolution technology.But many of the problems existing with displaying and streaming 4 K will need to be solved out.


4K resolution standard displays cannot be supportive in set top boxes other. On the cable side things are in the works, but nothing substantial yet. However , over the air TV broadcasting is where things are  really lagging.4K TV broadcasting is still being field tested with South Korea tkaing the lead, followed by US.One big obstacle is the electronic infrastructure needed to be compactable with the current HDTV B roadcasting system. In India it is still in the developing path.They are experimenting to catch up with other countries.Hope to be happen soon broadcasting problems have to be wiped out practically. In case of filiming the cameras are already working on it. Coming to the case of theaters and multiplexes the filims are still showing on 2K resolutios.If it gets to show 4K resolution supported displays, the filims will reach to the peak of best visual horizone.

There are some negatives or consequences of 4K in filiming, over heating of cameras while shooting is one problem facing with, and larger videos need larger sized memory cards and hard drives and it will take a major part on the computer processor.But above all these 4K resolution has already litted the lamp for a new technological era by providing more clear visuals on to the gadgets.


Above all being said, one need to be stisfied with what they are seeing on their TV screen. Resolution is one part factors such as video processing and upscaling quality, colour consistency, black level response, and even TV size and how it physically fits to the room etc are taken to consideration.


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