Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

Ernakulam, the metropolitan part of the state. Kochi is the heart of the district which is quite fast and growing city today. We have IT hubs, Historically important locations, beaches and a lot more in the city. The authentic as well as varied heritage took the city the best among most visited tourist destinations in the country. Cochin has an altogether a different signature among history and tradition woven together with modernization. It is an important port of south-west coast of India and was once a significant spice trading hub. Our  history states that  Greek, Roman, Portuguese, Arabic and Jewish settlements had there  in Cochin for trade and commerce purposes.

1  Marine drive

The walk way built facing back waters with three predominantly build bridges with an elegant beauty. One is in the shop of rainbow next is Chinese fishing net bridge and kettuvallam bridge. It has 1.75 kilometers long. The walk way is a hang out place for local people. It felt like a shallow breeze from the busy city.  Marine drive adjoining various shopping malls like Baypride GCDA complex, The Gateway hotels etc. There is a public ground in the northern part of the walk way which is usually busy with hosting of various cultural activities and exhibitions. Boat ride through the calm and quite lake is a wonderful experience. Tourists can find fast food shops, snacks counters etc. The extension of the walk reaches the children’s park and Subash park.

2  Mattanchery palace

Mattancherry Palace other wise known as Dutch Palace was built by the Portuguese and gifted to Raja Veera Kerala Varma of Kochi. The palace  was included in the tenative list of UNESCO world heritage sites. The palace was built in the year 1557, which is constructed in traditional Kerala  architectural style. It is in the model of a Nalukettu which had a courtyard in the middle with a temple of pazhavnnur Bagavathy. Two more temples are there in both sides of the palace dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Shiva. The palace had a several mural paintings and the building itself is a rare piece of our heritage and legacy. The flooring materials used are very ancient made with coconut shells and charcol. There exhibits the royal families rare dresses, umbrellas, and related things along with coins stamps etc.

3  Cherai beach

One of the iconic beaches among Kerala. Very calm and clear atmosphere with natural beauty is the main attraction here. Loacls as well as outside travellers are coming here. The sea shore is good to explore and play with kids. Beach festivals are conducted here. There is beaches neraby Cherai which can reach on the same way.

4  Hill palace

Which is the largest heritage museum in Keral located around 12 km from the Ernakulam town. The  palace was built in the year 1865 by Maharaja of Cochin. The palace was situated in 52 acres of land. The building is in traditional architectural style. It was now the an unvoidable destination by domestic as well as international tourists. The extreme beauty of the palace was picturised in Malayalam movie Manichitrathazhu. Here is a large collection of monuments, coins, inscriptions,crown, ornaments etc. The ambience in side the palace is very exciting.The premises of the palace had a rare collection of medicinal plants. Children’s park and play area along with the museum is an aaded attraction. The museum is opened on every day except Mondays. There is an entry fee to the museum.

5  Mangalavanam bird sanctuary

Mangalavanam the real green lung of Ernakulam city. It is located exactly behind the High court of Kerala. It is the nesting ground for a large variety of migratory birds. They are nested in mangroove trees. This area is considered to be ecologically sensitive. The migratory birds are disturbed by the presence of humans. Now it acts as a large source of oxygen hub to the city. Visiters has to be kept silent and watch with out disturbing them.

6 Boalgatty palace

A palace built by Dutch in Bolgatty Island Kochi. Now it is one of the okdest Dutch palaces out side Holland. During British Raj it was the residence by ruling Governers. After independently it was a holiday stay out for travellers provides alot of cultural activities. Now it is a heritage holiday resort with golf course, swimming pools, and all other amenities

7 Jewish synagogue

It is constructed very near to Mattanchery palace. It is considered to be one of the okdest active synagogues among Commons wealth Nations. It was built in the year 1568 by the Malabari Jews. They were the well established trading holders in the past. In 1662 the Portuguese we’re distroyed the construction and later reconstructed by Dutch people. The antique objects are main attraction here.

8 Willington Island

A beautiful man made Island happened as a part of modern Kochin port constructions. The vembanad lake was deepend and it leads to the formation of the Williongton Island. The name was given to the Island who was the viceroy commissioned the project. Now it is the headquarters of southern naval command. The beautiful island is good for a walk by enjoying the lake view. To reach Willingdon Island, one can travel by road as well as ferry service available.  The Ernakulam Junction railway station is around 9 km away and the Cochin International airport is around 41 km away.

9  Vallarpadathamma shrine Basilica

Located in the vallarpadathamma island just one kilometers from Ernakulam city.  This church is considered to be the first church dedicated to the Holy Spirit. The church got the Basilica status recently. Huge number of tourists are visiting the Basilica apart from cast or any discrimination. It is considered to be one of the okdest European churches. The rosary park and a walk way is an added advantage to the church. The feast of Ourlady is conducted every year in the month of September. Locals as well as outside travellers are coming here.

10 Chottanikara Temple and Ernakulathappan Temple

They are two popular and extravagant temples in the city. Chottanikara Temple is located in place called chottanikara and the goddess is believed to be powerful and had three different images through out the day. Tourists from North India are seen to be visiting every year. Local people are main devotees and had faith in chottanikara Devi. Ernakulam Siva temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. It is located in the heart of the town just opposite to marine drive




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