A Life Lessons From Football

Today life is really fast going and everybody is behind a target or goal of their kind. Sometimes it may of short term goals or long term goals. The ambition or dream should remain in their mind but the perfect strategy were lacking. In case of education or career a person has to achieve his objective by overcoming all the obstacles near to him. If a person tried and defeated he may not think again for the same. At this time we have to think about the crystal clear example near to us recently.I n the time of WorldCup it’s so interesting to compare life with footballing.

Football a very interesting game loved to view and participate by millions around the globe. The game which needs an accurate targeted vision on each move. Recently all of us are watching the success stories or failures of big shots. Defeats can happen but trying till the result is the main strategy of the game. Because of all these specialities we can compare life and football on the same angle. The players had a target from the very begining, the goal the aim, here the goal inspires to act. We have to decide a goal of our kind. Aiming towards success is the first step. A person can really work with his own time and find his strength areas and fix his target. Remember about the goal and keep on trying. Never ever give up to anything.

Next is our hardwork to achieve the target. We may need numberless chances to shoot towards the post but there won’t be any guarantee that it will surely touches the opponents post. We may defeat in the beginning but it has to be a motivation to more and more hardwork. Analyse the ways to find the aim. All of us had seen on screen the players  shoots to the post and never reaches to the post. But they will repeat the process again and again. A successful man walked like a footballer to reach his dream. There won’t be a regular winner like the match each time the team replaced by the fittest.

Obstacles are part of the game just like defenders in the ground they will stop us fom the goal at any cost. Strikers will repeatedly shoots to the post. Nothing can stop a well determined mind. In every field competitiors are there, the survival of the fittest will leave their footprints behind us. From the beginning of our journey we have to act as a striker to move ahead and defeat the obstacles and find the success.

Our failures may leads to the weakness, approach each time with a well disciplined mind. A match always led to success or failure it has to be accepted. From each failure a strong and targeted attack begins. Self control of a player has to be appreciated. Even he mets obstacles each time his move towards the goal never stops. This life lesson has to taught from a player. Even the failure was big it cannot stop us from the race. In a different stage we may found it was not our area to play with, overcoming all the thoughts like a player is important.

Time is precious and the dreams may not remain as dreams so we have to act quickly according to the time bound goals. If a person realizes about his goals after a long period of time it may not cause any change to that particular persons life. People need to be so cautious in case of time. Laziness is an other face of the coin don’t tilt up to that. Our strong targeted mind sets will help us to rise above ashes.

In certain cases we cannot achieve our target alone need a teamwork. There are times a person need to be supported by his colleagues,family,or friends.  Seeking their attention to your career point is very valuable. Collect all the available measures and ways for a good positive move. A footballer cannot make magic as his own. He works as a team to achieve the success. If he tried to do alone he might stopped by different opponents. At the same time they can won the game by passing the ball to a person who can handle the expertise at the particular time. All these lessons inspires us to live a better life by realizing the dream. Perseverance always led to success. Try untill you place your success flag. Players won’t give up easily. Be a positive player and achieve your goal.


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